Company "Sąsaja" focuses on the development and deployment of IT systems that facilitate business process management & implementation. We offer software applications for information & accounting systems, databases, personal computers, and computer networks. We deliver both off-the-shelf & custom software specifically tailored to meet customers’ needs and individual projects.

About the Company

Company "Sąsaja" was founded in 1991 as a IT services vendor. In the beginning company operated as a full service IT provider. The company was heading in the following main directions: personal computer manufacture, technical maintenance, design and implementation of high quality local computer networks along with installation of phone lines, and custom software development. Since 2003 improving its services the company shifted towards the development of computer software and complex solutions.

Employees at "Sąsaja"

Currently, the company employs 10 personnel members under various job and authorship contracts. We’re proud to have 3 PHD’s and 3 masters among our highly certified staff. For every project we've ever worked on, and the number is now in the hundreds, different workgroups are formed. As necessary, we are hiring more qualified IT personnel.

Company "Sąsaja" Office

The company is leasing premises in the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. The work conditions here are well suited for working with advanced IT technologies and analysis of software engineering methods. In addition to 4 flexible office desks with laptop connections, the office houses 5 more permanent workplaces.

Technical Gear

Computer Software

Ever since the incorporation of the company we have been using Clarion programming interface and supported DBVS applications. Over the years our team members have gained a wealth of experience in practical use of this programming environment while designing sophisticated information systems. Recently we’ve started programming subject programs that use MS SQL Server DBVS for data storage. Clarion also enables designing of WEB based subject applications.

Company "Sąsaja" Academic & Business Aims and Objectives